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According to American psychologist Carol Ryff there are six essential features of positive psychological functioning: self-acceptance, positive relation with others, autonomy, environmental mastery, purpose in life and personal growth.

Autism is a developmental disorder and the quesion is: Why is the development of these children disturbed and delayed?

Worldwide there are more children with autism then ever before. In the last decennia many theories about the cause of autism were developed and can be found on the internet.

Homeopathic treatment

With the homeopathic treatment of children with Autism, ASS or ADHS the personality of the child is the main focus. The homeopathic remedy is prescribed on the type of personality.

Children with autism have common features, which are described in the psychiatric diagnostic standards. More important is the personality of the child with it's own preferences and individual behaviour.

With the homeopathic treatment the personality of the child with autism is the main focus.  Common features of autism are taken into consideration, but the individual characteristics of the child are the focus of the treatment.

The aim of the treatment is that the child will be able to be more aware of itself, through which it can function better in every day society.



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