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Homeopathy children with autism

Children with autism

New roads in homeopathy for autism

Since the rising numbers of children with autism worldwide, homeopathy has been one of many natural therapies that parents try in order to help their child with autism get a better quality of life. Homeopathy itself is a healing method that is being developed continiously. New remedies are being tested and new methods to analyse the case are being developed. Working with these new developments gives a new persepective on how to treat children with autism with homeopathy, and brings new remedies that can be applied.

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The purpose of Fearless Heart Homeopathy is to give a unique and individual homeopathic treatment for your child with autism. There are no typical homeopathic remedies for autism. Any homeopathic remedy that fits the unique personality of your child should be able to bring back balance in his/her life. The challenge is to find this remedy based on the information of the parents, the case history of the child and the observations of the homeopath.



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